Net Worth Tracker: December 2017

Happy New Year everyone! December was an interesting month for us, as Mrs. NFF went back to work following her maternity leave and I took mine. (Today is my first day back, and explains the late posting of this month’s net worth). For anyone who is on the fence about taking paternity leave, TAKE IT! I had an amazing time with my boy, and it is incredible to see him grow and learn new things every day. I was also lucky because I could delay my leave and so I took it as my wife went back to work. This gave me some great alone time with my son, and being the sole┬ácaregiver was a great experience.

It was also a decent month for us financially, though that is owed almost exclusively to the stock market gains. Present shopping, end of year charity donations, and holiday travel expenses really hurt our spending, and consequently December was our worst “savings” month this year. However, a very healthy stock market more than made up for it, and we were able to grow our net worth by ~$11,000. We also received some very generous gifts for NFF Jr. to put into his college fund, adding an additional $25,000. (Note: I include college savings in our overall Net Worth to keep a full view of every dollar we have. However, our FIRE number does not include this money for obvious reasons.) read more

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