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How and When to Book Your Travel

2018 has officially been dubbed the Year of the Wedding. We thought we hit our peak in 2016 with 6 weddings, but this year we have officially been invited to 9, though we will likely only attend 7. Not only do all these wedding come with the usual costs of gifts, hotels, etc., but nearly all of them are a flight away. This isn’t just because NFF Jr. is easier to travel with on a plane than in a car. We have weddings that span Massachusetts in the north, to Wisconsin in the west, to Houston, TX in the south.

All of this travel has got me thinking about the best way to minimize our travel costs. Now, I have a confession to make. I’m a bit if a data nerd. I hear the words “statistical analysis” and I immediately get excited. Most sites I’ve been to who claim to know the best times to book flights often sorely disappoint. They’re usually too specific (“buy the third Tuesday before your travel”) with no acknowledgement that not every flight is the same. What about winter versus summer, holidays, etc? read more

Net Worth Tracker: January 2018

January is a very exciting time for our finances. Why? Because it’s BONUS MONTH! Yes, I work in an industry where bonuses make up a decent percentage of our salaries. Not Investment Banker levels, but certainly more than the average worker. It’s a good shot of adrenalin for the savings goals that we have set for ourselves at the start of the year, and my promotion this year combined with the company doing well meant that my bonus this year was significantly larger than last year. And with all of our savings going towards saving for our house, this month gave us one last big push we need to accomplish our goal next month.

With a total growth in net worth of over $50,000, January was our best month ever! Monthly savings and the bonus contributed about 75% of the increase, but investment gains added the other 25%. The incredible growth in the market has done wonders for our Net Worth number, and the increasing number of people calling for 10%-15% corrections has me excited about potential buying opportunities coming up. I just hope the correction comes sooner rather than later. read more

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