The Start of Our Financial Journey


In 2015, my wife and I got married and moved back to Washington, DC after two years away at graduate school. Now, almost exactly two years later, we are expecting our first child. As people who enjoy simple living, eating good food, and being outside, DC has been a great city to start our married lives together and to expand our small family.

Financially, we set out on a journey to live the happiest life we can while consistently striving for financial independence and early retirement. As (soon to be) new parents, this also means a lot of time and effort spent on preparing ourselves for the realities of parenthood. Housing, childcare, medical bills, etc. can be major expenses in an expensive city like DC and we have tried to position ourselves as best we can for them. By spending money on the things that make us happy and cutting out the things that serve us no purpose, we are trying the live the values we want to instill in our children while positioning ourselves for success against our financial goals.

Our Financial Goals

Ultimately, our goal is to be financially independent in 15 years, with a net worth of $2.5 million. It will be a long and bumpy journey, not only as we manage our own lives and careers, but also as we learn to become parents to a new baby. I expect to learn a lot about a whole host of things I’ve never had to consider before, including 529 plans, wills, doctors and insurance, and many others that I haven’t even thought of yet.

As I write about the things that I have learned through experience and learning from others, I hope to be able to impart some wisdom and learning on you, so that you may enhance your own journey towards financial independence and early retirement.

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